Question Windows Explorer Freezes for 45s every time I boot up - crashing loop


Oct 29, 2016
As the title says - every time I boot up and log in, windows Explorer freezes for exactly 45s every time. I've tried the other solutions and none have worked.

Here's what's weird:

When I first boot up, stuff seems fine for about 3 seconds, but then explorer freezes (I know because I enabled seconds on the clock and the seconds freeze). Now If I wait 45s it'll all come back and be fine.

If I'm impatient and try to do stuff, explorer crashes and asks me to end the task, and then It restarts, and then crashes again. It just gets stuck in an endless crashing loop. Sometimes It fixes itself, other times I have to restart and wait for that 45s to pass. I've tried looking through the logs in event viewer too but I have no idea what could be causing it!

Examples of timestamps of me starting up my computer:

4:12:24 Freezes

4:13:09 Fixes itself because I just left it

4:55:24 Freezes

4:56:09 Fixes itself again

5:09:22 Freezes

5:10:07 Fixes itself again

It's weird that it always freezes for the same amount of time - but I can't figure out what it is.

It might help to know that I built my PC myself, but this wasn't a problem initially, it just started happening at some point. So I reinstalled windows and that fixed it, but then it came back again after a few months - so I'm stumped :(

Can anyone help me and my bizarre issue?