Question Windows family share causes network issues when adding too many files!


Aug 5, 2019
Run a search on google for windows 10 networking issues, many seem to be how family share just stops working and system doing the share just falls off the network. This issue reminded me of XP years back limiting connections and had to be modified so it could run Apache Server normally. Anyway, I discovered that the issues that had no clear fix was not being caused by a corrupt or infected file but by having too many files available in family share. What that limit is, I dont know as of yet, but hope some of you who read this can shed more light and maybe know a fix. My family network is comprised of family photos/movies, TV shows, Movies, and utilities. When I went to add a folder to the family share which was an additional 18,000 files, Android devices that used file managers to access the windows family share could no longer see the computers, yet windows systems were able to see other windows computers on the network, that was till I added 700 more files, then those computers were now no longer able to see the main familyshare PC. When I right clicked the folder with 18,000 files, and stopped sharing, my main computer was now seen again on the network and accessible by both windows and Android devices. So what is actually happening here? Do androids have a said limit or is it the OS, as again first devices that could no longer access the share were Androids, then Windows pcs.