Windows firewall won't start


Jul 10, 2013
Can't start windows firewall at all. I've run several malware removal type programs. None fix the firewall problem and many fix imaginary problems.
Okay mixing things up here folks so lets stop for a moment. AntiVirus software (Norton, McAfee, etc.) are used like Doctors to protect you from viruses, and include most of the time thier own Firewall included. It is not really needed for your home computer as the software firewall is the worse defense as compared to the built in firewall (hardware) built into the router you should have.

AntiMalware is to stop the Advert/Social Engineering junk that tries to convince you (like a Salesman or Telephone Solicitor) you need to 'buy' a program to clean your PC, your PC has a virus and only thier program can remove it, etc. Malware by it's nature really doesn't 'damage' a computer (rending a hundred advert pop up windows is not the samething as replace every word in your documents with the word COOKIE! though both may make your computer useless), so AntiVirus normally can't "stop" malware as it doesn't see anything 'destructive' happening (remember they are just trying to convince you there is a problem when there isn't).

That said, if your at home, have a router you don't need it. No AntiMalware will 'fix' a firewall, and as I said, may already be running in your copy of Norton/McAfee/etc.


Jun 1, 2012
To add to what Tom is saying... Malware is the broad term used to cover all forms of unwanted software. This includes viruses (simply software that you don't want, or does something unexpected), Trojans (simply viruses that activate on a delay, usually by opening a specific program or on a timed interval), spyware (exactly how it sounds, it watches what you do and acts accordingly. Usually to try to sell you something), Rogues (Software that trys to act like it something else, to get you to pay for either a non existing service or a unwanted service), and so on...

Because these can be so ridiculously complicated sometimes, not to include software that runs without you even seeing it, its best to just do a clean install and work from the ground up.

A) If you have Norton, McAfee, etc. they TURN OFF the WINDOWS Firewall because they (McAfee/Norton/etc.) PROVIDE one already

B) Simple searches and following some OTHERS who have the problem also provide many different solutions

C) DO THE BASICS FIRST, before trying to 'fix it'!

Did you install all Windows Updates? Including OPTIONAL except BING? Check them and repeat till ALL are installed.

Download and run Slim Drivers, install all the latest updates but you don't need to reboot until you do the last update

Go to, download Malwarebytes, go to CUSTOM Scan and set it to do a full system scan (by DEFAULT IT DOESN"T DO THAT, and AntiVirus doesn't pick up alot of malware) - this resolved almost ALL other similiar posts to date as most had Malware the AV didn't pick up.

Remove whatever AV your using and download AVIRA, AVG, Comodo or Panda go to CUSTOM Scan and set it to do a full system scan (by DEFAULT IT DOESN"T DO THAT) - this repeatedly has resolved alot of people issue relying on MS Essentials.

Repeat the AV/Malware scans till the system comes up clean.

Download AUTORUNS and turn off anything NOT critical on startup, so you don't need to run JAVAScheduler to check for Java updates everytime you start your computer for example. BE CAREFUL AND KNOW WHAT YOUR TURNING OFF BEFORE YOU DO IT.

Open Computer, Can Air dust out the bunnies and use paint brush on the vents, coolers, fans, etc.

Download and run SPECCY, copy and paste the first tab to show your idle temps here and Go through and provide a response on each point, don't SKIP IT because "I ALREADY DID IT" , just try doing it again as of THIS post so we know NOW what is happening as compared to BEFORE you posted.