Question Windows Freezes - 100% SSD usage

Mar 14, 2020
Hi there

I've been getting some serious 30 second+ freezes on win10 lately, and its seriously annoying.

I've managed to find a pattern though. I have 2 SSDs, one for win10 one for win 7, both are used for some storage too. Whenever a freeze happens, one of the SSDs will be at 100% usage and as soon as the usage drops, the OS responds again. When I say freeze, I can still move the cursor around and change between some windows, but most clicked things just don't respond.

I managed to figure out where in event viewer I could find a record of these things, and it seems 3 event IDs keep popping up at the same time;

All mention possible hardware failure, but that doesn't seem likely, as not only are both SSDs only a few years old, or a year old, but both failing at the same time is incredibly unlikely.

The only things I can think are its either something related to capacity - both are 1TB drives that only have 60-75gb free, or it might be to do with my CPU overclock. On my very small overclock of 4.0/4.1 boost to 4.2 fixed, I put the NB voltage up one notch (the smallest amount it would allow). Not sure if that could be related though as it only seems to be my SSDs having a fit.

The last thing I noticed is that when I just did a malwarebytes scan, the same thing happened on my OS SSD. 100% usage and windows froze. Immediately unfroze when I stopped the scan!

Any ideas?!