Mar 9, 2006
Like alot of people that build their own systems or constantly upgrade and switch out parts, I use a cracked copy of Windows XP on some of my builds. These are my own builds and if someone wants a new PC, the price of a genuine Windows OS is included in the price and they are given the disk. It is because of Microsofts asinine activation feature and the fact that I have 4 desktops and 2 laptops that I use the cracked copy. Anyways, my girlfriends dad's (a cop :lol: )laptop recently had a hard drive failure, and because he bought it with Windows preinstalled(no disk) he needed an OS. He didn't know any better and when I went over there last night to check on his laptop, up pops the MS genuine notification that has recently gone around. :evil: The method that I used to remove the update was one of the current workarounds:

End wgatray in taskmgr
boot into safe mode and remove wgatray from windowssystem32 and dllcache
delete wgalogon from registry

Immediatly the popups disappeared at logon and in Windows :D so it appears to be gone. As soon as I connected to the internet up pops a Windows update with the notification update which I unticked and told to not display. Her dad leaves to go back to Iraq this week and now he is worried that his laptop will have problems once over there. So my question is:

Has anyone used this method of removing the notification and is it successful in the long run?(will it pop back up later)

Does this notification just annoy or does it prohibit the user from recieving any updates that they normally would have recieved via automatic updates.(microsoft says yes, but I assume they are talking about non-critical updates)


Jan 31, 2006
I would suggest he spends $90 for an OEM version of XP from newegg. First, it doesn't sound like he knows enough to screw around with pirated software. Second, who knows what conditions he'll be living in while in Irag. Finally, I'm not sure it's a good idea to talk about cracks on this website, there are plenty of other sites to do this.


May 1, 2006
eeh why dont you get a good pirated XP, i have one that never asked for a CD-key nor Registration. Complete full updates. "But techinically that doesnt exist."