Question Windows Half Freezing Cursor Still Works

Oct 20, 2021
Having the weirdest issue with my PC half-freezing. It only seems to happen when watching something like a Twitch stream, The video freezes but not the audio. It never happens while gaming. I can still move the cursor around and open things like Task Manager and Event Viewer but everything there is frozen to the moment it was opened. Resource Monitor is blank. I don't see anything in Event Viewer that stands out. Drivers are updated. I'm unable to shut down or restart Windows from the OS. I can select it, but it never actually reboots, I'm force to hit the physical reset button. This only seems to happen at most once a day. Some days it never freezes. Hardware is at listed below:

Ryzen 9 5900x
Gigabyte Aorus Extreme 3080
32 GB Corsair Dominator memory
WD Black NVMe PCIe Gen4 1 TB M2 SSD
Kraken z73 AIO
EVGA SuperNOVA G6 1000w Gold PSU
Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL Case
Ten Lian Li AL120 Uni fans
just sounds like random OS corruption.

first thing i would try is uninstalling & reinstalling whatever software it is that you're using to view these things that seem to be causing the issue.

then if still no good;
a fresh OS install.