Windows hanging up on "Starting Windows" screen


Jan 31, 2012
I am having some issues with my new x79 build. I have everything installed, firmware updated, and drivers updated. Every time I start up my computer in the morning, I get stuck at the “Starting Windows” screen. I have to allow my computer to boot into recovery and go through the steps of restoring it. After that completes everything works fine. Any information on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

X79 Specs:
Motherboard- ASRock Extreme 9
Processor- Intel I7-3930K (stock speeds) (Corsair H100 Cooler)
RAM- G Skill DDR3-2400 PC3-19200
Storage- Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240GB SSD
GPU- Sapphire Radeon 7970
Power Supply- Corsair AX-1200W Professional Gold Series
1. Are you OC'ing the CPU?
2. When you installed Widows did you use the (F6) Intel RST drivers?
3. Are you running in AHCI or RAID?
4. How 'new' is the build?
5. How much RAM and link to your kit(s)
6. What BIOS changes?

Sure, create a bootable CD/DVD of Memtest86+ to see if there's any RAM related errors. Download the ISO/zip and burn then F8 to boot to the CD/DVD and test for 4-passes is best.

Most folks who are having problems failed to 'read' the Windows installation guide for X79; simple test change the SATA -> RAID and if it BSOD's then you didn't. Also, typically when Windows 'freezes' right past it's animation sequence it's an OC issue. Try to Load Optimized Defaults, but you can save the BIOS Profile before doing the (F5) Defaults.


Jan 31, 2012

1. At first no, but I am currently stable at 4.5 ghz
2. no, sites says it is not required, but when checking my drivers it shows the rst driver is being used.
4. less than 2 weeks old and had problem ever since
5. 16GB of
6. no changes, only changes were the OC of CPU in the OC Tuner that came with my MB.
1. For now not OC, one variable at a time. If it's stable it wouldn't hang where it is.
2. The site's wrong, change RAID and I am 99.9% assured you'll BSOD. Further, you're loosing performance using the wrong Windows default AHCI drivers. Not to mention stability. If you BSOD then it's a tell tail sign the MBR is corrupted and the proper Intel drivers are not installed properly; there's no after the fact fix other than to re-install the OS correctly.
3. Run 'Fix It' or manually change both registry Start = 0 keys; see -
4. Don't run the F3-19200CL11Q-16GBZHD at anything >DDR3-1600 CAS 9 until the system is perfectly stable. Set both the VTT and VCCSA -> 1.10v and don't exceed 1.20v.
5. Don't OC using a utility, manually OC the BIOS. This causes a conflict to anything you set in the BIOS manually. Uninstall any BIOS invasive utilities.

My recommendation is the re-install the OS correctly; see ->