windows hangs after new graphic drivers


Nov 5, 2010
hi, when i install my graphics card radeon 6450 on my computer, it hangs after the windows logo.

restoring will bring it back to life - until you put in the graphics drivers again.

first i used the CD that came with it, and it froze AT the windows logo. so i downloaded the latest drivers and now it freezes AFTER the windows logo, as a black screen.

it will boot up in safe mode.

it will boot up on this graphics card as long as the drivers are not installed.

i tried custom install and only installed the display drivers (comes with ati catalyst software) but it still hangs.

the motherboard is intel DQ45CB, windows 7 64.

is there anything i can do to get windows to load? it fails at the last hurdle.

any input would be great.
download a program called driver fusion and install it.

uninstall the currently installed driver and do not restart when prompted.
run driver fusion and select the amd option and clean the amd drivers then restart when prompted.
using custom install install the latest display driver, only installing the display driver and hdmi audio driver and untick everything else that can be unticked even catalyst control centre.

should have the least amount of problems after this hopefully.

another one is to use piriform ccleaner and run the file cleaner and then run the registry cleaner multiple times untill it detects no errors.

its the best method when updating display drivers. you get the least amount of compatibility problems this way since some files get left behind that cause problems when you just uninstall the display driver normally that driver fusion deletes leaving a fresh slate.

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