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Windows home premium vs professional

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Jan 31, 2012
I have windows 7 pro and have just purchased a pc with windows home premium, can the license from home premium be used to load windows 7 pro


Think you getting your terms confused....

Short answer is "no" to the question you asked...

The question you may have meant to ask .... the answer is "depends".

If you have an unused win 7 pro retail licnece - then you can use it to load Win 7 pro on your PC
Even if you have used it before - you can still use it - as long as you ninstall it from previous installations/machines.

If your Win 7 pro licence is OEM - you can as well - as long as you have not used it before (if you have used before - its use is tied to the original PC you used it on).

Similarly - your old Win 7 home premium cant be used elsewhere if its OEM (as its tied to the PC)
If its retail - you could use it elsewhere

Does this help? If you can clarify what licences you have (OEM or retail) and if they been used before... we can prob hel pmore.


Not open for further replies.