Windows home server vs freenas


Jan 8, 2008
alright, well here is my situation, i want to make some kind of storage server that can stream movies to my htpc(win 7) and that can be accessed as a storage server by all my families computers. it will be on 24/7.

i already have these leftover parts-
Pentium D @ 2.66 ghz
2x 512 ddr2 667
4x 500gb wd re2 drives.

also, i would like this to be a small setup, with the smallest case that 4 hard drives will fit in. what are the advantages of home server vs freenas?
Can't answer about freenas. I would use Ubunto 9.1, a free download, or you can order a free cd from their website. It includes lots of device drivers. It found all of mine. It doesn't work with windows programs, but will locate a non windows driver if possible for your board. For a cost effective solution, first check your local craigslist for used htpc cases. I found mine for $30. It's full sized; works with micro atx or atx boards and is a beautiful shiny black finish. Itx setups are cute, but not that cheap. And micro atx htpc cases with a micro atx board may be small enough for your cabinet, and give you the selection of boards and cpus that itx won't.