Jun 4, 2004
i had a windows xp sp2 installed a week ago. now that came a bit problematic with my vga driver as i upgraded my vga. then it suddenly stopped working. assumin it was a driver problem, i put on my xp disc and tried repairin the windows. the installation kept on hangin at somepoint and discountinuing.
so i installed the windows again...
now i cant access my old documents n files cause that folders were all made private under that windows' admin account which is passworded.
any ideas how i can access these again?
i know the password...


goto the folder you need access to and right click on it, goto properties and select the security tab. If its not there then goto tools, folder options, view and uncheck use simple file sharing.
Once in the security tab add you to the rights with full control.
Should get you in there to get what you want.