Question Windows is corrupted

Jan 25, 2020
So around 2 weeks ago I had turned on my computer and it would not boot into windows. I've tried reinstalling windows and wiping it completely but I just get an error. I've tried rebooting from a previous save point but it did not work. It kept giving me blue screens. The blue screens would just freeze and I would try and leave them on for as long as possible, sometimes even 5-6 hours but they would stay stuck at 100%. Now I cannot even attempt to a previous save state and I'm basically stuck in a loop. I turn off PC and when it gets past the bios loading screen it always says "diagnosing your PC" and always goes into the "Your PC did not restart correctly" and when I choose to restart, it just freezes on the "ASUS" motherboard manufacturer screen. I don't know what to do at this point.

PC specs:
Asus Prime B250m-a
MSI Armor RX580
1tb WD HDD
8gb Adata XPG Ram 2400mhz