Question Windows is restarting automatically while playing AAA games high graphics

Nov 18, 2019
I have a desktop with the configuration mention below. I am facing an issue for some time. My system is getting auto restart when I am playing hight end games like FAR CRY NEW DAWN, Quantum Break, and its restart automatically without Bluescreen. I am not understanding what is the issue, I am freshly installing windows and update all my drivers even after that I am getting it an issue.
Today I have clean the cabinet, disable overclock, check the fan speed, Install the CoreTemp, and run test there is no overheating problem but every time at 1 particular part in-game ( FAR CRY New Dawn, Quantum Break) system restart automatically. After I did all the steps that I told earlier nothing happened but when I disconnected the GPU and connected my monitor with the motherboard and then again run the game in Quantum Break the game is stuck in that particular part and in FAR CRY New Dawn the game starting with lags but start the run completely where earlier the system get autostart when my GPU was connected and my monitor was connected with GPU via HDMI. So let me know If I upgrade my PSU to 650W will it work fine or not?

Motherboard: Asrock b450 Pro M
Processor: Intel 9Gen i5 processor
RAM: 2 x 8 GB DDR 4 RAM
PSU: Coller Master 550W 80plus

Can anyone help me with this issue to be resolved?