Question Windows isn't passing all audio channels to Receiver

Sep 20, 2021
I have been gifted a Sony STR-DH540 and I was hoping to get it setup with surround sound. I currently have an HTPC setup that is running on a Intel 6th gen i7 on a super Micro C7Z170-OCE with a Nvidia 1070.
I have gotten the speakers setup and they work but for some reason windows is only passing through two Audio Channels and not all of them. I updated the latest Graphics Driver. I updated to the latest Reaktek Drivers from their site.
I also checked that my TV is set to audio Passthrough even though the current setup is PC -> Receiver -> TV
The TV and the Receiver both support ARC so That is setup and I can control both with just the TV remote.
here are some Screenshots of the audio settings.

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Arc is limited to two channels, much like optical. eArc in modern equipment allow bandwidth for full surround between tv and avr. Not sure about modern Hdmi 2.1 graphics cards (Nvidia 3000, Amd 6000) offer eArc but prior Arc is not possible on computers.

Connecting gpu directly to avr should have given you surround audio though. Try disable arc.


I've had this also using an atmos soundbar with an amd 5700xt.

The issue is that the TV (which only supports stereo channels) is the endpoint.

That hdid info gets passed back to the pc and disables any natively unsupported codecs.

What I've had to do is use hdmi from gpu output straight to the TV.

Then buy another display port to hdmi cable (my gpu only has a lone hdmi output+3 display port ones) and this is plugged to the soundbar.

Display is set to the hdmi output, audio is set to the dp to atmos soundbar output.

This way I can have video on tv and audio through Soundbar.
If I want the soundbar off at any point I just set audio out to the hdmi port instead and get sound through the TV.
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I have not using Arc (the TV is new and supports eARC, the Receiver is not)
Clearly arc is enables on the Receiver otherwise you wouldn't get video pass through to the TV.

Your audio settings is showing 'SAMSUNG' so instantly I'll assume you have a Samsung tv?

Like I said, the TV is the endpoint, while it may advertise as having dolby /atmos etc it is in essence still only 2 channels and your pc will see it as such.