Question Windows keeps crashing if i go beyound 4.5 ghz


Feb 24, 2018
So first my specs are: Cpu: Intel core i7 6700k skylake 4.0 ghz
GPU: Nvidia gforce gtx 1070 Ti
RAM: 2x amd 8 gb sticks
Motherboard:Asrock z170 pro4s
Os loaded into an ssd and 2 other hdd for more storage

So first i did my gpu overclock with msi afterburner and to test it s stability i used the superposition benchmark. So than i wanted to go on the cpu so i saw that my idle was 40 celsius so i gave it a try i pushed it on 1.2 volts and 4.5 ghz in the bios leaving everything else on auto and applied it to all cores. After i started windows i started stress testing it on cpu z for the first minutes temperatures have seattled at 80-81 celsius after another 10 minutes windows crashed with stop code: Clock watchdog timeout so i went in the bios and set it the multiplayer to 44 4.4 ghz to see if windows liked it and it did. But i still don t understand why it doesn t go higher even if i try 1.3 volts but i set it back to 1.2 and the thing that annoys me the moast is that it was stable at 4.5 until windows decided that it doesn t want to run anymore