Question Windows Keeps Losing IP Settings

May 25, 2018
We just got a new router not too long ago and since installing the new router, a couple of our company laptops won't hold their IP information. We keep setting a static IP and DNS information and after so long the laptops will lose it. I've noticed that whenever I go to save the changes under Local Area Connection Properties, these laptops give the warning "Warning - Multiple gateways are intended to provide redundancy to a single network (such as intranet or the Internet) They will not function properly when the gateways are on two separate, disjoint networks (such as one on your intranet and one on the Internet). Do you want to save this configuration?". As far as I can see, I only have one default gateway setup. Even when I click on the advanced button it only lists one gateway. All of the other computers on the network don't have issues and don't give this warning message. Any ideas on what is setting off this error?

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