Question Windows logo stuck problem IPIMB-AR motherboard(Acer m1935) after upgrading the pc

Sep 17, 2019
I replaced gtx620 2gb with rx480 4gb and added one more 2gb ddr3 stick (it had 6gb,so now it is total 8gb) also added ssd for 240gb and wanted to install windows 10 in ssd so it will boot faster but when i finished upgrading and turn it on went to the bios and made pc boot from usb which had windows 10 it stuck on windows logo then sometimes shows blue screen and reboot again and it happens over and over i tried to install windows 7 but it also did not work hope you guys can help me (lga 1155 core i5 3330 3.0ghz, PSU 450w )


You may have a few problems when you upgraded the PC.
  1. The RAM may not compatible each other.
  2. The MB may not have the right BIOS for the rx480.
  3. The 450W PSU may have problem to handle the rx480.
So try to remove the new 2GB RAM, and the RX480, use the gt620 and the old RAM. Then try to install the win10. If you can do it, then shut down the PC, add the RAM to see what happens. And you will know the RAM are compatible each other or not.

Next, add the RX480, boot the PC, and you will know your PSU can or can not handle the rx480, also keep in mind the gt620 is the OEM GPU, the rx480 is retail GPU, you may have problem to add the retail GPU into the OEM PC, like your Acer PC.