Question Windows logs - unknown crashes

Mar 28, 2020
So ive been troubleshooting my pc for like 3weeks and literally everything possible when it comes to finding out whats wrong and ive pinned it down to a gpu error and the crashes being caused eithwr by too much power being pushed through the gpu or it just overheating being issues with the sensors or just the gpu itself, I literally have to run the gpu on 100% to run games and stop it from restarting the system although when running power hungry games for 2hours or more itll overheat and crash anyway.

But getting back to my main question, can any of these windows logs cause the system to crash also? Just double checking as im most likely going to end up getting rid of my 2080 ti either for a similar version or lower priced gpu bc this pc is killing me, psu was replaced last week just as a heads up with issues continuing. Gou and cpu thermal paste also replaced. - i dont run overclocks apart from fans at 100% to stop it from crashing.

Crash logs View:
Psu - corsair RM850x
Gpu - gaming x trio 2080 ti
Mobo - maximus hero xi
Cooler - kraken x72
7fan cases total
RAM - 32gb vengence pro
Cpu - i9-9900k coffee lake 3.6GHz
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Mar 28, 2020
Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Include PSU: make, model, wattage, age, condition.

Try running the built in Windows 10 Troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

If that does not work try "sfc /scannow" via the command prompt.

Tried all the usual already, gone through over 70hours worth of testing in the past 3weeks to find the issue, ranging from;

Memtest86 on the RAM - no issues, gone on to test dual channel with 16gb, single with each stick of ram still had issues, RAM is out of the question

Reinstalled a fresh version of windows - isnt a windows issue, to further confirm so ive also ran sfc scannow over 10x, no issues, when i got issues at first before reinstalling i fixed the issues, before fresh installing I reinstalled windows maybe 4x using the download tool, once after the fresh install due to a redistributer issue when installing apps

Psu ive had for a week now, same version as my last, no overheating issues, when the fan turns onnits usually only cool air or slightly warm so cant see there being an issue there

Ran Prime95 a lot, no issues on the cpu temps, no vrm issues as far as im aware, even pointed a in case fan at the vrm and it didnt really make a difference to the crashes

Ran multiple cmd scans etc, fixed any broken files in the registry etc with ccleaner, used virus tests no issues

Changed the thermal paste in the cpu and gpu with fresh week old mx-4, checked for loose screws or anything wrong with the gpu board, no issues

Ran Pop os on a usb to get into linux where i then stress tested with an app i cant remember the name of but basically still crashed ruling out a windows issue as expected

The issue resolves around the gpu, which id assume is either a sensor or issue with the inside of the gpu as somethong is causing it to overheat, the only possible cause could be a faulty mobo, but i plan on changing both if i need to when i get the money.

At this point ive done easily over 100 troubleshooting fixes with no success, only able to push the issue back and make it crash less frequently over 24hrs instead of every 5mins like it used to, thw only solution has been to ramp the fans upto 100% which is why im confident its a gpu heat issue.

But my reason for the post was to ask can any of the issues in the screenshots force the system to restart without warning?
Mar 28, 2020
Also just to note, I have done many more fix attempts than the above which I just cant remember, reason being why they arent listed


The only suggestion I can make at this time is to take another look at the logs.

Search for some consistent pattern of errors that starts with one particular Event ID that leads to a crash.

E.g.: 10016

It would be more likely dominos in some way. An error causes an error that causes yet another error.

Any individual error may or may not cause a crash. However the sequence of events and/or some final error triggers the crash.

Could narrow down to a faulty GPU. Are you able to test the GPU in another known working computer or test another known working GPU in your computer?

Unlikely that the computers and GPUs will match the original configuration. However, some other factor may be discovered either directly, indirectly, or by elimination.

Also this caught my eye:

"Memtest86 on the RAM - no issues, gone on to test dual channel with 16gb, single with each stick of ram still had issues, RAM is out of the question".

Do I understand correctly that individual RAM modules experienced problems?

RAM specs?