Windows looks like it's in Safe Mode, but isn't....


Jan 21, 2016
Hello. I've been having problems with my Windows 7 since about a month ago. It would work perfectly fine until after 2 hours of it being on, the display would change to something that appeared to be a much older version of Windows, and my internet would stop working. I dealt with this for a few weeks, and then one day my computer wouldn't get past the startup screen. I tried system restore and my computer finally was able to get past the startup screen, but would go to a black screen. I then attempted CHKDSK, and although everything started up regularly, my desktop now looks almost exactly like Safe Mode (black background, old display) except with the normal display size, and I cannot open up the internet, and certain application and services. I rebooted into the actual Safe Mode, and then rebooted back to it's regular setting, but to no avail. I am positive that my computer is not in Safe Mode. Has anybody else ever had this problem, and know how to solve it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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