Windows ME and DDR2?


Mar 27, 2011
I am assembling a PC from spare parts so that I can make a "retro" gaming machine. By this I mean, I have a TON of games from dating as far back as Windows 3.1. I would like to run them natively (ie. using as little "compatibility mode" as possible). For most, I am installing Windows XP as it can handle PC games in its simple to use compatibility mode for windows 9x, however, I would PREFER to use Windows ME (I know, I know...) because it is the "latest" Windows 9x OS available. (No need for compatibility mode..)

Question is, will Windows ME/9x recognize DDR2 memory? My mainboard is a "P4M800PRO-M V.1.0A" bye ECS. It allows for DDR2 OR DDR400 (in separate slots of course, and not simultaneously..) I don't have ANY DDR, nor do I wish to put ANY money into this machine. CPU is a LGA775 Celeron.

Any questions, comments about my post, PLEASE ask. I am working on installing the XP portion as we speak.



Mar 30, 2011
Windows ME will work with most new cpus, ram, chipsets and gpu's, with the due tweaks. I got Win98 running on my PC, with a core2 duo, 2 gb ram ddr2, a 9600gt and a Sata hdd. Even though i had some driver issues it worked great. Be aware that you'll need an old gpu in order to have decent 3d acceleration, cause new gpus are unsupported for win9x/ME and 3d games will suck with the standard VGA driver or the 'vesa' drivers...