Windows ME install freeze after disk format


Jan 5, 2013
Hi there guys. So,I got a old laptop with Windows XP SP3 installed in. But it was so slow so i reinstall on Windows 2000. Windows 2000 really suck on my pc so I want install Windows ME on it. I formated the disk and it freeze on "Preparing installation of Windows" (right after format) and it freeze. What shall i do to fix it?

Specs: Intel Celeron 1.50 Ghz + SD ram 223 mb

Thanks for any help :)

The Stealthinator

Aug 22, 2012
Another person with your problem:

What I wrote in reply to their question:

Modern laptop will NOT be able to run older OSes before XP.

1) Modern laptops are 64-bit; before XP OSes aren't compatible with that.
2) OSes like 2000 run on a max. of 2 GB RAM. Most laptops that are bought within the last 1-1.5 years are rare to found with 2GB RAM (unless they're a netbook).
3) Windows ME is an EXTREMELY buggy OS and you can expect to have problems running it :).
4) Maybe your hard disk is too big for ME to support. If you have something like 1TB or 750GB, those kind of disks were not common at the time ME was released so you can't expect the OS to be able to address all that space (not completely sure about that tho...).