Windows Me stops communicating with monitor on load


Jun 6, 2008
I'm trying to get some files off an old computer with Windows Me installed. I turn the computer on and everything runs fine. When it gets to the Windows Me load screen the monitor goes black, and a "no signal" message comes up. I've done many windows installs, reinstalls, formats, etc but I've never seen something like this happen. I tried booting with cd support and tried booting in safe mode, neither worked and same thing happened. I tried reinstalling windows me from the cd and the same thing still happened. All I need to do is get this thing to boot up so I can see the files and transfer them to a usb drive. I can hook the hard drive up to a different computer if that's what I need to do. Anyone know what is causing this problem?
It will be faster (and easier) to hook the drive up to a different PC and grab the files you need that way. There's an adapter you can buy that's relatively cheap that you can use to hook it up externally to a USB port. It's not a full enclosure, it's simply a USB cable with a dongle at the end to connect it to 3.5" and 2.5" hard drives. It also comes with a power brick for 3.5" drives.