Question Windows microstuttering and bluescreening when trying to restart and shutdown .


May 3, 2018
(My system config
650 watts semi-modular Evga Gold rated psu
Radeon rx 5700xt (MSI Evoke, never overclocked)
Ryzen 7 2700x (Never overclocked, cooled by Cryorig H7)
Aorus elite x570 motherboard
16 GB (2*8) of 3733 MHz ram (Patriot Viper Steel) (underclocked to 3200 Mhz, due to potential stability issues with second-gen Ryzen)
256 gb Crucial ssd (For windows and software)
2tb Firecuda (For games and everything else)
Windows version 1909 pro
Running the F11 bios
Drivers (x570 chipset drivers, and a failed (error 1603) 20.3.1 GPU driver installation)
Connected with DisplayPort to AOC G2460PF monitor (Main monitor, used for gaming) (shows up as 2460G4 in windows), and DisplayPort to DVI Cable to a Lenovo office monitor (multitasking)
About a month ago, I tried to update my drivers in order to try to fix micro-stuttering in RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2), and I was greeted with a general error 1603 when trying to install the latest and greatest Radeon 2020 GPU drivers. After that, my entire system started stuttering, especially in games and it started to bluescreen whenever it was trying to restart or shutdown. Since then I have used DDU to try to install many different drivers from different years to no avail. I also tried doing a windows reset, wiping everything again to no avail. Recently I tried another GPU (R5 235) in my system, and the 5700xt in another system but there was just a black screen. Today when trying to DDU and install the 20.3.1 drivers in safe mode it was micro stuttering. I noticed that when I uninstalled the AMD External Events Utility I briefly stopped the micro-stuttering except that it came back after a half-hour or any Rockstar game. The graphics card is still performing up to par, except with the system stuttering every 3 seconds or so freezing the audio and video at every interval. I suspected that it may have been a display or cable issue, but it continued with an HDMI cable and a different monitor. Today, I tried DDUing the 20.2.2 drivers twice, and reinstalling the chipset, again with the stuttering. I have no clue what could be causing it at this point, and any help would be greatly appreciated!