Question Windows not booting

Mar 22, 2021

Recently i tried putting my ssd and hdd in Raid 0. This didnt work. This is where the problems started.
I deleted the raid volume and tried rebooting my system. When the system was booting it booted right into the bios.
Upon a further look in the bios i saw that it didnt show my drives at all. I thought it was the bios so I updated it.
after I updated it, it showed the drives but still didnt let me boot into windows. I disconnected my hdd and let it reboot. now it gave me a blue screen with the error code 0x000000e. I tried repairing with the windows repair tool. Here I tried everything, except resetting. Now I have a black screen with the error code 0xc000000e. And when I try to reset my windows through the repair tool. It does not give me the button to do so.
My system is selfbuild. My motherboard is a Gigabyte z390 gaming sli.
Sep 20, 2020
Is the data on there important if not then it may be easiest to reformat both drives. If you have a second pc, plug the drives in and use command prompt to re format them with disk part. It might be an issue with the Motherboard, try resetting the cmos and bios in that order, cmos first then bios because cmos might fix it but I doubt it. First reset the motherboard bios and cmos, then re format both drives to get absolutely all data and partions off. Raid arrays with HDD and SSD’s are unstable and not recommended at all, sure RAID 1 sounds good with an SSD and HDD but its not ment to be.


"Recently i tried putting my ssd and hdd in Raid 0"

Putting an SSD and HHD together in Raid makes no sense unless you have a reason you want the SSD to work a lot slower than it would normally.

Unless something has changed I am unaware of putting different drives together makes the whole array run at the speed of the slowest drive...
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Raid-0 splits blocks of data between two drives.
Once you separate them, neither drive has a coherent windows image.
Raid-1, which might be what you were intending will duplicate the data on both drives.

Raid in any form has little place on a normal desktop environment.

You will need to install windows again.
Load windows on the ssd with NO other drives attached.
If a hdd is attached, windows will load a hidden recovery partition on it and you will not be able to boot if the hdd is ever removed in the future.