News Windows on a Pocket PC Reminds Us of Windows Phone


Feb 12, 2007
Seems nice for some use cases, especially work related. I just wish there were more devices with AMD processors, since they are more energy efficient and work better in power and thermal restricted scenarios.

Also, my phone is a lot smaller and has a 7000 mAh battery. Maybe a custom design could reduce the size of the components and give it better battery?


Dec 1, 2021
This looks extremely similar to the HIGOLEPC Mini PC that was launched last year, except that the HIGOLE sells for $200 on, while this thing seems to sell for $590 (!). It comes with the same thick form factor, same SOC, same screen size, same resolution, same RAM, same eMMC storage, same connectivity (HIGOLE also made a WiFI5 version for the original fundraising, but it looks like they're selling only the WiFi6 model on Amazon) and same port choice (including Ethernet one, which might make sense if you consider this thing more like a movable PC with a small battery and monitor, rather than a real handheld). I'm tempted to call it a rebranded HIGOLE sold for nearly thrice the price...
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Jun 23, 2014
I miss Windows phones and always wanted a real Windows phone, but this one doesn't have a sim card. That and that Gemini Lake refresh isn't the greatest.

If they made this with a 7-9w Meteor Lake and mobile connectivity I would be all over it. Even with the small 2500 mAh battery. Even with the clunky form factor. And like the above post mentioned, it basically is for sale for ~$200 so hopefully a MTL version wouldn't be over $600.

I bet they would sell dozens at least :p