Question Windows ONLY Boots With AHCI Enabled, Not Intel RST


Dec 25, 2020
On a Razer Blade 15 2019 Advanced, I upgradedfrom a 512 gig Samsung 970 EVO to a Mushkin Enhanced Pilot-E 2 tb drive. I cloned the 512 gig drive to the 2tb drive, adjusting partitions as necessary, and after many many attempts and curse words, I finally got windows booting and booting consistently.

However, windows ONLY boots if AHCI Is enabled, and with Intel Rapid Storage Technology. If I switch the BIOS to use Intel RST, windows fails to boot and startup repair fails to resolve the issue. Only when I switch back to AHCI does the system boot as normal. Is this fine? What advantage is there to using Intel RST? Should I even bother trying to switch it?

Also, I noticed that my laptop CPU has slightly higher temps (~5 degrees increase) since installing this new SSD compared to the old SSD. Is this due to the lack of Intel RST, or down to a difference between the drives?

Thanks y'all!


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IRST is for setting up Raid arrays (setting up 2 or more drives for faster performance or larger capacity or both), AHCI is for SATA only drives. PCIe is for NVMe devices like what you have.

I am not sure why the drive will only boot with AHCI set but it must have been set up that way by razer originally

The temp difference likely is because you swapped the nvme

might want to run as ssd benchmark and see what speeds you getting.
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