Question Windows Performance Monitor Shrinking/Minimizing My Games While Playing

Feb 16, 2019
Just as the title says. About a month or two ago my games just started minimizing by themselves. I let it slide for a couple weeks and then decided to try and troubleshoot it. I download software that allows me to see what program runs exactly when my games minimize. The result was a program called PMC that was running for a second the exact second my games would minimize themselves. A quick google search and a found PMC is Windows Performance Monitor software built into Windows 10.

I've tried so many things, browsed so many forums and I can't figure this out. At this moment I can barely even enjoy my nights gaming as the window shrinks and I'll die in game or it shrinks and crashes depending on the game. As a side note this happens no matter what I'm doing in windows weather it's gaming or typing an e mail or watching youtube.

Any advice would be awesome. I'm desperate.

Thank you,



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