Question Windows randomly restore down and maximize + a myriad of other scaling issues on 4K monitor


Aug 5, 2017
My main monitor is a Dell P2415Q(4K), and my 2nd monitor is an ancient Philips 220SW(1650x1050). Over the years i've had a a few scaling issues especially in games, however around 2 weeks ago after a windows update everything just started getting worse. Its so erratic I don't even know where to begin.

Problem 1: 2 weeks ago I started getting this strange glitch where I'll have an app maximized and suddenly it would restore down and all of my minimized apps would open. Its completely random and happens even when i'm nowhere near my PC. I didn't manage to record it so here's me replicating it manually:
A few things I've noticed:
  • The problems occur regardless of whether i'm using 1 monitor or both monitors.
  • It doesn't happen when I'm in games
What I've tried:
  • Clean boot
  • Updating nvidia drivers
Problem 2: Window keeps on restoring down and maximizing. This one doesn't happen as often and usually doesn't occur as frequently as in this clip:
Problem 3: This one isn't new, and its limited to certain games especially Apex Legends and Valorant so I figured it was just the games' scaling being bad but i'm not sure about anything anymore. Basically the game either keeps on minimizing or maximizing. In Apex it happens in full screen regardless of whether I run it in fullscreen native 4k or scaled down to 1440P. The only way I can run it now is if I change my monitor resolution to 1440P and run Apex in borderless windowed at 1440P. Fellow 4K gamers, do you guys also have a ton of scaling issues or is it just me?
Combined, all these issues are extremely frustrating and i'd appreciate any help I can get in fixing them.

Thanks in advance


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Look in Update History for any failed or problem updates.

Does the problem begin at some fixed amount of time between system boot and appearance?

Check the Ease of Access and Gaming screens for any unknown or unexpected configuration settings.

Run the built in Windows troubleshooters. The trouble shooters may find and fix something.

Run "sfc /scannow" and "dism"


Close all games.

Check Task Manager > Start up: Disable any recognized apps etc. that are being automatically launched. Google to learn about any apps that are not recognized.

Then play only one game for awhile to determine if the "ghost" keyboard/mouse appear. If not, then add a second game.

Key is to discover some combination of apps, games, configuration settings that initiates the problem.