Question Windows recognizes my mouse as keyboard and mouse

Aug 19, 2021
Hello, today I wanted to ask for your help, Windows recognizes the mouse that I currently have (HyperxPulseFire FPS PRO) as a keyboard and mouse, it causes me problems. It disconnects when I make sudden movements, something that did not happen in Windows 10 and in Windows 11 it does, the truth is that I cannot find a solution, I think it is partly due to installing the reWASD, (I already tried using the sc delete reWASDService), it did not work , also disable that Windows can turn off the USB for power and other solutions in vain. The keyboard also recognizes it as mouse and keyboard, I need help now. And when I remove the Rewasd and move the mouse abruptly when disconnecting, that device appears below.
And yes, if it disconnects it reconnects after 2 seconds, but sometimes I have to disconnect the mouse and reconnect it from the USB
If you open the Device Manager, then Properties, Driver, then Update Driver, do any alternative drivers appear? What do the manufacturer's technical support people say about updating to Windows 11? Will they be providing updated drivers or software? If it only works with Windows 10 you may have to choose between going back to Windows 10 or getting another mouse until the manufacturer resolves its Windows 11 problems.