Question Windows refuses to detect my second monitor most of the time, what could be the issue?

Jan 20, 2020
Operating System: Windows 10.0.18362 Build 18362
Motherboard: Asus Z9PA-D8
GPU: Nvidia Quadro 600, Nvidia GT 710
Monitors: 2x LGL24Q-10

The problem started weeks ago. Had the Quadro 600 at the time, and it was connected to my monitors DP-DP, and DVI-HDMI. Everything would be fine, but after the monitors would shut off when inactive (no sleep, just display turns off), the DVI-HDMI connection would not come back. I'd just turn off and on, and it would work again. However it became a lot more frequent to now where the monitor gets detected 1/30 times of turning it off and on.

Thought it was a cable issue, bought a DVI-DP cable, it didn't work.

Thought it was a driver issue, installed a bunch of different drivers from different dates, that didn't work either.

Thought it was a video card issue, bought the GT 710, same thing as before.

Thought it was because my Windows wasn't completely up-to-date, so I updated everything. Didn't help. I tried a bunch of drivers again too, no luck. So far, it had only been the DVI-HDMI/DP that had issues.

Tried to boot the computer with only the DVI-HDMI, and it would have the BIOS logo screen, the Windows logo would pop up, but then it would show the monitor as not connected, same as before. Tried this with the DVI-DP cable that I bought in step 1, to which I realized the cable is faulty as not even the BIOS screen showed up.

And the last thing I've tried is using both video cards, with neither using the DVI-HDMI connection. It worked for like 10 seconds, and then it disconnected, with my computer favoring the Quadro 600, which was interesting because I hadn't reinstalled the driver for it yet (it also was displaying in full resolution).

I've spent days on this now and I'm losing my mind. I would appreciate any help.