Windows restore error 0x8007045b


Dec 1, 2015
Ok, so after making the poor decision to try and get away with having to buy two copies of Assasins creed odyssey, eventually, of course, my save was overwritten. I was stupid enough to rely on uplay to keep prompting me to load my local save, so I didn't back any saves up.
So I then turned to windows 10, checking if I had any restore points, which I did.
I started the system restore and after my computer restarted I was given error 0x8007045b.

Things I've tried-

Windows RE which gives me error 0x70080026 instead.
Setting various Windows services to automatic start
Sfc scannow.

Oh and also I have an m.2 optane drive I tried disabling it but no luck there either.
I think the first error indicates that a system shutdown is in progress.
the second error would mean the end of file has been reached.

if it is a laptop, i would make sure the system is getting power by the power adapter
in case it was shutting down due to a low battery.

not sure about the end of file error code.