WINDOWS Screen goes to black screen HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oct 4, 2006
I know most people dont like dells but i have one. I have a dell dimension 8300 with P4 3.0, 1.5 gig ram, 120 gb hard drive, and 6800xt graphics card. I downloaded speed fan program just to see what it was like and it stopped responding. so i waited for it to "end now" and it wouldnt. i got impatient and shut the computer off manually with the button. i went to go turn it back on and the bios screen would load then the windows xp screen comes up with the scrolling blue bar. after that it goes to a black screen with no error messeges and no cursor. i cant just start from scratch agian because i have valuable information and pictures that i havent backed up yet so reformating at this point isnt an option and i have a external hard drive on the way so this is the worst posbile thing to happen...some one PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! thanks alot Vin


Jan 15, 2005
Valuable information should ALWAYS be backed up. It sucks when you have to lean the lesson the hard way.

Can you boot into safe mode fine?

If all else fails, try a repair install