Question Windows security not Supported with standard hardware?


Aug 25, 2012
I did a fresh install of windows 10 a couple of weeks ago. Follow by also updating BIOS (z170a). Been having problems with audio and other drivers.

Anyways, before I reinstalled windows 10. I backed up all data and check anything that could change the same for BIOS. Windows Security was one of them that changed. Under "Device Security". I missing all 3 (Really just 2). Core Integration, Secure Boot, and Security Processor (TPM)*.

System Information and Window Security screenshots.

I was able to get Core Integration back through BIOS the same for Mem integrity. Yet, it says "Not enable"?
Secure boot isn't showing up. Now, according to Sys info as you can see from the screenshot. Says it isn't supported and now I'm running legacy.

Legacy+UEFI is enabled but can't disable CFM (assuming I'll have to reinstall windows for it to work)
on the BIOS. says Secure boot IS enable and loaded. "Windows UEFI Mode" is also selected.

I honestly don't know what else to do. Is a secure boot that important for security? Windows is the only OS I use and don't really plan to change anytime soon... at least not yet.
I'm aware it's my own fault not being careful and properly follow instructions before doing a BIOS update. Though, I don't regret it. For whatever reason. My computer is running super smooth and fixed my drivers. But, it seems to have screwed with my security on my PC

CPU: I7-6700K
Motherboard: Z170-A
Ram: 16 GB 2133 DDR4
SSD/HDD: SDD 256GB/ HDD1 - 500GB 7500RPM/ HDD2 - 256GB 5000RPM
GPU: Zotac 1080 AMP! edition
Chassis: NZXT s340
OS: Windows 10 1909

* I'm aware that I don't have TPM installed on my PC but my motherboard does support it. It does have a slot but not like I have anything important to secure other than just Reddit, Youtube, any streaming services, and games lol.
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