Windows Server 2003


Jan 11, 2010
Hi there guys

for all you windows server genius's out there i need answers please!

i am a university student studying IT and for my coursework i have set up Windows Server 2003 and set it up as the DHCP server, DNS server and installed active directory and the group policy management console

i have an account on windows server 2003 called "administrator" and have 1 windows xp professional client computer connected to this server

in active directory users and computers i created a user called "test" which doesnt havev administrative rights ... i then used group policy on windows server to block the c drive, control panel and stop users installing software. i can succesfully logon to the xp machine using the account "test .. everything goes well and i cant get to control panel, i cant install software and i cant access the c drive.

but when i log in to the xp machine as administrator it doesnt show me them there when i want them to be there as i need full access to the client, it seems my "administrator account" doesnt have full administrative permissions?

If any of you can help that would be amazing




Did you make those settings to block the items at the computer level or the user level?
If you did it at the computer level, it will affect everyone, even domain administrators. Local administrator accounts shouldn't be affected.
Double check and be sure to make the group policy at the user level.