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I am a proud owner of a new Dell Laptop and recently I have been having issues with the Shut Down Button. None of the Commands in the Shut Down box works. I have tried Restart, Shut Down or Log off works and I really need those commands to be fully operational.


Is this a new unit that is still under warranty? If so, you should contact Dell Customer support ( to get them to assist you.

If not under warranty, what operating system are you using (Windows 7 or Vista, or XP, 32 or 64 bit version)?


May 27, 2010
Determine whether you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Windows 7 users can simply click on the "Windows Start Button" and then go to the "Run" link. Once run pops up type in "CMD" and hit enter which will cause the MS DOS prompt to appear. Type in "CHKDSK /r" which will check for hard disk errors. Vista users need to click on "Start" then go to "Accessories" followed by "System Tools" and then run the MSDOS program followed by "CHKDSK /r"

Insert your restore CD if errors are found and not fixed by the check disk function listed above. Turn your computer off and then back on. You'll be asked to hit any button to boot from your CD; press any key. You will then be asked if you want to install a fresh version of your OS or "Repair" a current copy. Choose the "Repair" option and allow the computer to go through the necessary steps.

After the repair function has run, turn your computer off and then back on. Wait and see if the computer shuts down again. If it does not shut down, your computer's restore function has fixed the file, which was probably caused by a bad system file.

Saga Lout


That doesn't work for me in any version of 7 I've had, either in Beta or since - maybe you use the upmarket version. :D Run doesn't appear in the menus unless you go to Search and type it in. Much quicker is simply hitting the Windows key and R together and that works in Vista as well.

As to the OP's problem, I've noticed this once or twice and have powered down using the Power off icon from Start only to find all the other options work when the restart has finished. He doesn't mention trying that - perhaps it will do the trick.


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