Question Windows starts freezing after hours of use, then has long black screens on reboot


Sep 9, 2012
Windows 10 starts freezing after hours of use, very laggy/unresponsive which forces me to reboot it. On reboot however, the system has long black screens, runs "windows repair", and takes multiple reboots to finally start working normally again. What are these issues a sign of?

Windows is on a SSD btw.


The temps are looking fine, and the SSD has a 97% health status rating of "good", which is confusing. How would I go about checking/repairing failing drives, and corrupted installs?


As a start you could do the sfc and dism commands to see if it will locate and repair any issues. If it persists after that you may wish to run a memory test. I am sorry that I cannot this moment recall the name of the good long test for RAM, just won't come to me. (EDIT- Memtest64) The one included with Windows is mostly a joke. After that, and assuming no memory errors I would probably follow up by backing up things you want to keep to a different drive, check to see you have all your program install keys and pull a fresh install to see how that does.