Question Windows still recognizing display(DP), after input is changed to another signal(with HDMI splitter to consoles) ?

Oct 21, 2021
So before I get started here's the monitor, and it's settings before the issue is explain
MSI274R, with auto scan disabled in both software on the PC, and on the display menu itself.
The monitor is plugged into my desktop via DP, and has its HDMI ports plugged into an HDMI switch, which is connected to 2 consoles.
My desktop has a 2nd monitor which is connected and works just as it should

Issue itself:
Upon changing the monitor's input source from DP(my desktop) to HDMI(my consoles) windows will recognize the display as being unplugged momentarily, after which it'll go back to its default 2 monitor setup, and not act as a 1 monitor setup. Which soft ''bricks'' the desktop.

Before reinstalling window a couple of months ago. My PC would when the display input was changed, behave like a 1 display setup and use my 2nd monitor as its only monitor making the PC still useable.

Video link.


Friend proposed fix
Simply use the 2nd display which is HDMI only, with the splitter, I really only wish to do this as a last resort, because the MSI one is much nicer and bigger.