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Apr 2, 2015
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Hi everyone.

About a week ago I disassembled my GPU, removed all the dust and put on some
new thermal paste. Went from 90c in heavy load games to about 63-70c. So no issue there (I think)

Roll back to maybe 2 days ago, when I started my PC and it all was going well until suddenly during normal usage, everything became exremely choppy and stuttery. I did a simple restart and the first thing I noticed was that windows took AGES to load. Probably around 5min just to get to the password screen, and then every input taking at least 20-30sec (pressing caps, typing in password, pressing enter etc). The desktop loading then again would take about 2-3min to load. this entire process of starting my system up to being already inside a game has max taken 1min previously.

Anyhow, when it all finally loaded I checked the disk usage and low and behold it was at a constant 100%. No dips at all, just a straight line all the time with read and write speeds being as low as 4kb/s (disregarding the times it went to 0). But also if I clicked to show which programs caused the disk usage the highest one was “system” at 0.1% or “antimalware service executable” at also 0.1%

I opened GeForce experience and tried to redownload my drivers but it just gives me GE’s own failed message.

I also ran malware bytes and it found I think 80 something “threats”. However windows defender hasn’t found anything I’m pretty sure.

My internet speed also seems to be suffering from it as videos and sites load very slowly and they refuse to be played at like anything above 480p.

I’ve tried changing around my SATA cables and connectors, but no difference.

I’ve got 2 questions about this little issue:

Firstly, can this have to do with my cleaning of GPU and reapply of TMP that I mentioned earlier?

Secondly, just general help. What could have caused this? how do I solve it?

CPU- i7 6700k
GPU- GTX 980 ti- founders edition
Motherboard- Asus Z170 PRO gaming
PSU- Corsair RM850
CPU cooler- H100i GTX
HDD- Seagate 1TB
CASE- Corsair 750D
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