Question Windows Tablet bricked ?

Dec 31, 2020
So I got an iBall i701 Tablet with windows 8.1 installed. It uses an OTG to connect keyboards and USBs. So a long time ago the USB slot got too much of voltage and the OTG stopped working on it. I opened the case up and saw a chip fried up. The chip had 5 connections to the motherboard, two on the left side and three on the other. There's an exact same looking chip on the right side, which looks fine. The port still charges the battery.

Now recently, Windows got corrupted. It's stuck on the windows recovery environment loop. I made a bootable windows 8.1 USB with both GPT and MBR. I also tried windows 8.1 windows to go, but they don't work. I can access the UEFI firmware settings from the recovery environment, but cannot navigate it. The touchscreen doesn't seem to work in there. I figured out that I can go up and down and change the settings with a combination of the volume and power buttons, but cannot go left and right. Only if I could change the boot priority settings, I could get the tab to boot up with the USB. Any suggestions???


You found one chip "fried up". There may be other chips likewise damaged but just not showing as damaged.

Likewise, the damaged chip(s) may have caused a domino effect that eventually caused other problems over time.

As long as there is known damage (and probably unseen damage) continuing efforts to recover may make things worse.

The laptop needs to be professionally tested and repaired.