Discussion Windows Update Disables Hibernate, turns off Fast Startup

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May 22, 2016
Hello All,

Wanted to get the word out about a strange glitch after the last Windows Updates, After the updates, the Desktop started to start up and shut down 3-4 times slower than before. Once running, it worked just as before. Research pointed to Fast Startup not being enabled, but there was no such setting in "Power Options / Choose what the power buttons do / Change settings that are currently unavailable"
This was because Hibernate had been disabled. It was simple to get it enabled again by Right-clicking on the Start button, choosing Command Prompt (Admin) from the pop-up menu, and typing in powercfg.exe /hibernate off in the Command prompt window. On restart start up & shut down were back to normal, & the Fast startup tick box was back where it should be.

Now I understand that Hibernate has no "place" in a Desktop, it is for if a battery is about to die in a laptop, but putting Fast Startup in the Hibernate commands does not make sense. Then if you turn this feature off on a Desktop in an update..... C'mon Microsoft!
Please Note, our three other machines (Another Desktop, a Laptop, & Win 10 under Bootcamp in an iMac) were not affected by this - just the one Desktop. - and the oldest of the bunch!

We wanted to get this out to help anyone else who has this strange hiccup. Hope it helps someone!


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Jun 12, 2015
if you have an ssd or faster, you don't need fast startup.

Be nice to think MS had finally realised that and were disabling it on peoples pc who have ssd but I could guess that if its a bug, its not that smart.

Fast startup uses hiberfil.sys so thats why its classified as similar to hibernate. When you shut PC down it saves a copy of running drivers + some system files into hiberfil.sys, and then puts pc into a hybred hibernate. When you start PC, it only loads the hiberfil.sys file instead of reloading all drivers, making startup faster on hdd, but not making much of a difference on ssd.

I have it off, its been known to corrupt windows if you get a power outage while PC is "off" . And as I have an nvme, start up won't be any faster than it is now.