Question Windows Update Error 80071A30 - has anyone else run into this ?


Jan 1, 2014
Hi guys .... I'll be honest I'm referring to an incredibly ancient Asus mini-laptop running 32 bit Windows 8.1 (still very useful as an e-reader to me and I'm too cheap to upgrade :) )

Having said that .. and I know I know a large part of it is probably due to my incredibly ancient hardware and operating system :) ... but I'm wondering if anyone else ran into the " 80071A30 " error code when they tried to install Windows updates? (security updates in my case)

(I know this is the Win 10 forum, looked for a Win 8 forum didn't see it probably since there are so few people like myself using it :) ... see

where it was advised I just post Win 8 stuff in the Win 10 forum :) )

In my case I did a manual download from the microsoft update catalog going by the KB number ... that installation still didn't work... tried running the NET STOP WUAUSERV and NET START WUAUSERV commands mentioned here the Windows Update service,try manually restarting the program.&text=This command would restart Windows,updates can be installed now.

that didn't work. Then I rebooted the laptop and disabled Norton Auto Protect and Auto Firewall.. and that did the trick as far as the manually downloaded updates they're installed now.. no idea which one of the steps I took solved the problem :p

Online research says this error code refers to corrupted system files which I certainly hope isn't the case :( .. I know in theory I could do what they say here

but a bit nervous about doing that in case it does more harm than good though I might be tempted to do it if I run into future problems...

....anyways, no idea if this will help any of the three or four people out there on the internet still running Win 8 :p who see this on a google search (let me take this opportunity to say once again how awesome you guys are here on tom's hardware forum :) .. even without being logged in or posting threads I cannot count the number of times a simple google search has turned up some helpful solution one of you guys posted when I'm researching some sort of PC problem :) )