Question Windows Update Killed Partitions

Dec 12, 2020
Yesterday, immediately after I ran through a Windows Update, my external backup harddrive failed. Three out of four partitions on the drive suddenly stopped working. They still are seen as drive letters, if you go into them, they want you to format the partitions, but if you go into data recovery, all of the data is still there. This seems to be a pretty common problem as I've run into almost a dozen people out there who had the same thing happen to them.

So far, I've run through scans to find lost partitions and there are none (Windows 10 still sees them as drive letters and through disk management, they all still show up as primary partitions. All of the ones that don't work show as file type unknown but the one working partition still shows NTFS. The hard drive itself is fine, it was checked 2 days prior and had no bad sectors so it's unlikely that this is a hardware problem. I'm currently running a scan through DMDE but so far (37%) it's not showing anything new. Here's the drive as DMDE sees it.


Any ideas? Thank you.