Question Windows updated itself now launchers not working?

Feb 10, 2019
So before yesterday i was having problems connecting to internet but found that my motherboards onboard LAN device was disabled in bios (yea i know right), after i enabled it works perfectly. currently i have my pc pulling internet via Ethernet and netgear a6100 usb adapter, when both plugged in it shows two wifi locations its pulling from, i have 3 games i need to install on my pc (anthem, destiny 2 and gta 5) overnight i let anthem install and it did, i got on my pc this morning and started playing but then when i felt temps rising i wanted to restart pc and enter bios and see what temps it was at. I restarted the pc and my problem starts here, windows applying an update automatically, not telling me what specifically for but now when i am on my desktop, some launchers dont work like battle net for downloading destiny, steam wont open either so i can download gta 5, the netgear genie app wont open, and my usb adapter is not being shown under internet access, only internet from ethernet. Please help as i dont know why this windows update caused so many problems.