Apr 27, 2006
both from what I have heard windows Vista will have all of the different versions on the CD/DVD and allow a choice of which one to make active.


Feb 13, 2006
everything new needs a while to become widely used. porting a app from 32bits to 64 the propper way is not easy. it will take some time to become something usual. there are some advantages to 64bits but it takes effort to port ur apps. i believe that not everybody will go 64bits but at least will make 32bit apps run well on 64bits wich is not that hard. u must take into account that for a long time apps were made for single 32bit processors. now there are dual, and soon multi core processors wich support 64 bits. hardware producers will start making drivers for 64bit windows. but it takes time.

to respond to the first question. i believe there will be both 32 and 64bit windows vista. i don't know if they will let u choose between them. i mean i don't thing they will give u a choice on install. i believe there will be different packages like windows home and pro. maybe the home version will only be 32bit and the pro 32 or 64bit. we will see.