Windows Vista and 7 freezes Randomly on a dimension 9100



HI i dont know if my computer supports vista because when it was installed in the computer i use to get random freezes for about 20-30 seconds when browsing the web or playing games i thought maybe the registry was courrupted so i cleaned it with tune up utilities which didnt help so i decided to defrag the hardrive which didnt help.So i maybe thought it was vista so i installed win 7 clean install same thing happened i beared with it for about a month untill i found my windows xp pro sp3 cd which came with the dell dimension 9100 i installed it and no freezes happened again the computer is running like it should so what seems to be the problem i really like windows vista.Because i want to play just cause 2 which is not supported in windows xp because of Dx9.

Dell Dimension 9100.
Pc Specs
Intel P4 3.4ghz ht
2gb corsair ddr2 800mhz ram
intel945p chipset
bios revision A01
Xfx Hd 4770 512mb
250gb hd
Dell Stock 375watt psu.