Windows Vista Help?


Feb 9, 2011
Problem: I recently tried to format my hard drive but somehow the computer shut down during the process. I now cannot access the hard drive. And after, I, unfortunately, misplaced the recovery disk.

Random note: There was no recovery partition in the hard drive.

What are my options?
Formatting the hard drive with the Vista installation would wipe out the drive and render it useless as a boot device. So, the machine no longer has Vista installed and will not boot up due to the drive being formatted. A Vista installation DVD would be needed to reload a new installation of the OS onto the hard drive. The drive could be installed on another system to check if all the data has been lost before formatting and reinstalling Vista with a Vista installation DVD. Check with the manufacturer for any system DVD that may be available for purchase.
Why did you format your hard drive with no recovery disk? How did you plan on re-installing the OS? And how did you even manage to start formatting it? If you try to format within Windows it would not let you.

You'd need to get a new recovery disk from the vendor or buy a new OS. Win7 if you can, if the system will work with it.