Windows vista sony vaio laptop enters startup repair and loads forever


Jun 2, 2011
when I start my sony vaio it comes up with a window error recovery screen with only two options. first being launch startup repair (recommended) and second start windows normally. When I click startup repair it go's to a startup repair screen saying searching for problems now the message says that this should only take a few minutes and that the computer may restart several times during the process But it does absolutly nothing at all but search for hours and hours I even left it on all night one time. Also if u click cancell the computer freezes. Now if u click start windows normally it acts as if its going to start than goes to a black screen again doing nothing for five minutes then goes back to the windows error recover screen. Please help what happened? or what can I do to fix the problem?
Buy a new hard-drive for the system, install tha drive as the primary, take out your existing drive. Install Windows on the new drive, copy your files over to it. You will probably want to get an exernal USB enclosure for your drive.

If your system did not come with any restore disks you would need to order a set from Sony.