Windows Vista Ultimate Black v2


Jan 23, 2009
Hi, my hard drive toasted a few weeks ago, and when I send it to a programmer to install a new one, he also installed Windows Vista Black v2(which I have never heard of) without telling me. I was going to install XP pro again.
So my reason of starting this thread is because I want to know if vista black is good. So far its given me a few big headaches as I can't even play minesweeper and hear windows media player at the same time(annoying system crash). But I like all the fancy apps(office word,winrar,100+ sidebar apps,etc.).
Another problem is, Is it real or some piraty thing? I ask this because the vista button is blue and diamond shaped and ugly, unlike other vista buttons.
Should I change it back to xp pro, or ubuntu 9.04 when it arrives from mail, or keep it?
all it is a reworked stripped down hyped up version that some guy has made.

1. Have you been given a Windows Vista Ultimate key?