Windows Vista Wont connect to internet


Mar 6, 2013
My Grandad's Laptop which he recently got off a friend.
It was working on the internet fine until a few days ago when it would not go to google/any other website.

It will say it is connected but will not access the internet.
We have done a fresh install of windows vista home premium 32bit.
It is not the router as my laptop and all other devices are working (Phones - Tablets, etc)
We have now run out of options, can any of you help?


Jul 31, 2012
If after a reinstall of the OS and still not connecting, possible hardware/driver issues.

Go to Device Manager (just click on Start and type in 'dev', should give an option for Device Manager to click on).

Under Network Adapters, does it show the wireless card? Does it show anything.

If you do not see the wireless adapter here, that indicates the laptop is not seeing the hardware. Try to reseat the wireless card. It is usually accessible on the bottom side of the notebook, in the bay that has the RAM. Take battery out first.

You should be able to find video walkthroughs online for this.

Open it up, take out the WLAN card, usually need a small standard screw driver for this. Put card back in and make sure it is secure. Be careful of the antennas that are attached to the WLAN card.

After reseating the WLAN card, restart the laptop, it should automatically install a compatible driver for the WLAN card at restart. Check device manager. If the card is still not listed, then you have a bad WLAN card. They can be bought for relatively cheap online, usually around $50.

If the card is listed now, the laptop can now detect the hardware. Try to connect. If unable to, you might need to install an updated driver for WLAN card. You can find these on the laptop manufacturers website.

Hopefully the LAN ethernet connection works to make this process easier.

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