Question Windows wifi settings has ruined my ping ?


Jun 23, 2015
Okay, so I've been having issues accessing certain sites and I'd get "This site can’t be reached" "Took too long to load to respond" error messages when trying to load them up. I took to the internet and found Youtube videos showing how to fix the issues using various methods such as updating my wifi adapter driver, and as well going into command prompt and typing a bunch of things that looked like I was resetting my IP or something. I will link the video I used and I think is what has cause me the problem.

After following the videos instructions, it did not resolve my issues, but instead created a whole new problem. I never lagged as badly as I do in games now, and when I am in games, my internet ping rapidly changes in a consistent pattern. Spikes up and down from 30-100+ ping no matter what now. Tried resetting my wifi settings to default settings and now I'm confused on what to do next. When I did internet speed testes in the past, I'd get on average 80-100 Mbps in Down and 30ish mbps in upload. Now I can barely get above 60 Mbps Down and above 10 Mbps Upload. If anyone has dealt with this or knows how to fix my issues, plz help a brotha out. 😓


Many things you find on youtube are pure garbage. Many are made by people looking to become famous or make money by presenting information they have no idea it actually means. Many are stupid kids in moms basement that have never worked in the industry and are completely unqualified.

I am not going to watch some video and then try to figure out what you did wrong. You can make a massive mess of things when you put in commands you have no idea what do.

Just reinstall windows and be more careful who you trust or at least try to understand what the commands do you are using.